Kentucky National INsurance
Kentucky National INsurance
2709 Old Rosebud Rd
Lexington, KY 40509
Phone: (800) 432-9310

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System issues resolved:  1) You are now able to add a Liability only vehicle to an existing policy even if all vehicles have Liability only coverage, and 2) You can now remove Equipment Breakdown/Service Line coverages, without asking us for assistance. 

System enhancements:  Ability to quickly resend a download missing with IVAN's.

New feature added:  Driver type of Domestic Partner has been added to our Auto product.

Current issues in progress: 1) Random missing downloads - we are working with IVAN's and our Stingray system to fully resolve this issue, and 2) The new higher Water Back-up limits effective 7/1/20 are not available by endorsement **UPDATE:  this issue has been resolved.

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